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A Maternity B.V.M. education is available and accessible to everyone, regardless of income level. Through donors and partnerships we are able to work with families to help reduce tuition to a level that is affordable.

Scholarships & Affordability 

Applications are Open Year Round

As a school, we are committed to making our Catholic education as accessible and affordable to all families who want it.  We will work with each individual family to determine a tuition plan that is both affordable and sustainable.  We will also help families find and apply to scholarships that might help off-set the cost of tuition.  Maternity BVM partners with the Big Shoulders Fund to help provide the necessary financial assistance to families who deserve it.  We will never turn away a student based on their family's ability to pay!

Fill out the form to get started and learn more about the scholarships and financial aid available or to schedule a meeting or visit.

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