Maternity B.V.M. School creates an atmosphere in which students can develop their potential, growth, independence and knowledge. We also promote the responsibility to be critical thinkers, agents of change, and active conscientious members of our multi-cultural society.

Meet Our

Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

Christine Molina, Principal
Thomas Houlihan, Assistant Principal
Nora Carcanaquez, Office Assistant 
Martha Ortega, Business Manager
TBA, Marketing Director


Liliana Guzman, PK Aide
Melissa Cabrera, PK Aide
Anna Aviles, Kindergarten
Melissa Guzman, 1st Grade
Stacey Kuhn, 2nd Grade
Elizabeth Kainer, 3rd Grade
Nancy Kerstein, 4th Grade
Elizabeth Vega, 5th Grade
Kim Chambers, 6th Grade
Madeline Lewis, 7/8th Grade
Jennifer Respeto, P.E
Sister Alicia Torres, Religion