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Thank you for considering Maternity B.V.M. We would love to invite you and your family to take a tour of the school and discuss a financial plan that is within your budget.


Thank you for your interest in Maternity B.V.M. School!

We would love to have you and your family to become a part of the Maternity B.V.M. community!



Admissions Procedure: 
Step 1:  Visit and Tour
* Schedule your tour by calling our main office at 773-227-1140
Step 2:  Schedule a Shadow Day (Optional)
* Scheduled after the school visit and tour

* Students will have the opportunity to meet individually with our principal

* Students will also have the opportunity to meet with the teacher of their corresponding grade-level

Step 3:  Complete the Application Packet and submit Application Fee
* The following documentation will also be needed...
   * Child's original birth certificate

   * Copy of baptismal certificate (if applicable)

   * Your child's most recent report cards and standardized test scores

   * 504/IEP (if applicable)

* Fill out the online application here
* Application Fee:
   * $50 before Feb 14, 2020
   * $100 after Feb 14, 2020
Step 4:  Admission Status Determined
* Acceptance letters are emailed

Step 5: Applying for Scholarship (if needed)
   * Caritas 

   * Big Shoulders Fund


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