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Maternity B.V.M. School creates an atmosphere in which students can develop their potential, growth, independence, and knowledge. We also promote the responsibility to be critical thinkers, agents of change, and active conscientious members of our multi-cultural society.


About Maternity B.V.M. School

Maternity B.V.M. School is a community of learners where quality education is provided within the context of Christian living. With the tradition of Catholic education as the foundation for our existence, we promote academic excellence and the Gospel values of justice and peace. The families and staff members of Maternity B.V.M. School take pride in the rich diversity of culture, language, and ethnic origin. 

Maternity B.V.M.  School has received full recognition by the Illinois State Board of Education. We align our academic curriculum with archdiocesan learning standards and endeavor to incorporate best practices throughout the instructional program.

Situated in Chicago's West side, the school is located in the heart of the Humboldt Park neighborhood, having a lovely green space in a community with no shortage of attractions. The area surrounding the park is filled with great home stores, fantastic coffee shops, and cultural restaurants for every taste. Maternity B.V.M. reflects the dynamic environment of its neighborhood with upbeat energy and a rich tradition of cultural encounters.

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