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Don't let the cost be the reason for not choosing Maternity BVM! A Maternity BVM education is available and accessible to everyone, regardless of income level.  We would love to work with you to help reduce your tuition to a level that is affordable!


We can help


A Maternity BVM Catholic education is an investment in your child's future.  The benefits and rewards from this education will be with your child for a lifetime.  At Maternity B.V.M., we understand and appreciate the financial sacrifices and commitments that are made by our families so that their children are able to receive the best education.  As a school, we are committed to making our Catholic education as accessible and affordable to all families who want it.  We will work with each individual family to determine a tuition plan that is both affordable and sustainable.  We will also help families find and apply to scholarships that might help off-set the cost of tuition.  Maternity BVM partners with the Big Shoulders Fund to help provide the necessary financial assistance to families who deserve it.  We will never turn away a student based on their family's ability to pay!

To learn more about the scholarships and financial aid available or to schedule a meeting or visit, call us  773-227-1140 or send an email to

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