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Teachers incorporate technology into the curriculum so that students are prepared and feel confident with a variety of technologies. 


Maternity B.V.M. students understand the importance of technology in our changing world. Every student is given the opportunity to work with state of the art equipment on a daily basis. Every classroom is equipped with interactive whiteboards and computer centers. In addition, a computer lab allows for more hands on lessons, benefiting the whole class.

Technology Featured at Maternity BVM

  • Laptop Computer Lab

  • Smart Board in the Computer Lab

  • Interactive Whiteboards and Slates in Each Classroom

  • iPads/Chromebooks in Each Classroom

  • Wireless Internet Access in All Classrooms

  • Daily Computer Classes

  • PowerSchool Online Gradebook and Reporting

  • Standardized Test

"The interactive whiteboards have been an invaluable tool in the classroom. Students are excited to participate in board activities, and their attention is constantly captivated. The fast-paced interactive nature of the board presentations mimics the technology that today’s child is accustomed to, making school more relevant." 

- 5th grade teacher

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