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Frequently Asked Questions for
Maternity B.V.M. School Families

Q: How long will the closure last?

A: It is not yet known how long the system-wide closure will last. Chicago Public Schools (CPS) recently announced that their closure will continue until April 20. We have not yet set a specific date for re-opening our schools, although it is our intention to resume classes once it is deemed safe to do so. We will continue to follow CDC and health department guidance in determining how long the closure will last.

Q: Are school buildings being cleaned during the closure?

A: Yes. Each school is being thoroughly cleaned during the closure using the guidelines of the CDC.

Q: Will school calendars be adjusted as a result of the closure?

A: Possibly. As we do not yet know how long the closure will last, we’re uncertain whether school calendars will need to be adjusted. We will inform parents if/when adjustments are made.

Q: Will e-learning/alternative learning assignments be graded?

A: Yes. We feel it is very important that positive learning continue during the system wide closure. As such, we are asking that assignments completed through e-learning/alternative learning be graded and counted for credit. If your child might have a legitimate difficulty completing e-learning/alternative learning work (such as difficulties accessing technology), please contact your child’s school.

Q: When/How will report cards be sent out?

A: Report cards will be sent to parent e-mails on Friday, March 27. Any parent who has not received a report card or needs to update their e-mail please let Mrs. Molina and/or your child’s homeroom teacher know by Thursday, March 26.

Q: When/How will teachers post new assignments? How can I contact a teacher if I have a question?

A: Teachers will post on Class Dojo, Google Classroom, and/or directly e-mail parents every Tuesday. Teacher “office hours” will be daily from 8AM- 12 PM, however, they will also answer e-mails within 24-48 hours. You may contact the teachers on their classroom dojo, google classroom, or their direct e-mails. All e-mails for the entire staff are located on the school website.

Q: Should I still pay tuition during the system-wide closure?

A: Yes. Our Catholic schools depend upon tuition revenue. We have made the commitment to continue to pay our teachers and staff during the closure. Moreover, we are continuing to work hard and deliver a high-quality education through e-learning/alternative learning. However, if you are having trouble see the following question. You can pay online at or call tuition payment plan: 866.441.4637

Q: I am having difficulty paying tuition, as my own workplace has been impacted by the closure. What do I do?

A: We know that some families may have difficulties paying tuition due to the loss of pay during workplace closures. If this is happening to you, please contact me at I do not want the burden of cost being a reason for families to feel stressed and overwhelmed. Please know that the students learning is my top priority, everything else will be handled upon our return. We will always work with our families to make sure their children receive the best education at B.V.M. School.

Q: How can I attend mass?

As a reminder, Sunday Mass from Holy Name Cathedral is available in English, Polish and Spanish via All Masses are also available at and on the Archdiocese of Chicago Facebook page.

Univision Chicago (WGBO 66) will also broadcast a 30-minute Spanish language Mass at 10 a.m. Sunday. The main celebrant is Fr. Ismael Sandoval, director of Consejo Hispano and Pastor of Blessed Sacrament Parish.

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